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Best Accounting & Tax Services Firm 2022 – Newcastle
Global Excellence Awards 2022

Acquisition International is delighted to present to you the 2022 Global Excellence Awards which are designed to acknowledge and honour businesses who demonstrate hard work, dedication, commitment and above all an exceptional quality of service.

This year the Global Excellence Awards have explored all the industries that the globe has to offer ranging from accounting and consultancy to taxation services and bookkeeping. It is the sole objective of Acquisition International to honour the contributions of those who aim above and beyond to demonstrate excellence within their chosen sector.

In order to offer a level playing field to all, the 2022 awards are judged purely on a merit basis. In order to determine our lucky few, our in-house research team carefully analyse any information that is available both submitted and online including information that is available in the public domain.

Our Managing Director, Jay Wilson said “We are delighted to have Jaccountancy recognised in this way. This a testament to the hard work by Jaccountancy team.