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We're Proud To Be Official Sponsors of Drag Idol 2022

With inclusive and progressive beliefs channelled throughout our business, we are thrilled to announce we are the official sponsor of the North’s largest drag competition ’Drag Idol’. We are grateful to have been given another opportunity to continue to be an ally to our local LGBTQ+ community, and support local talent giving them a bigger platform to showcase what the North East has to offer.

Drag Idol, now stronger than ever in it’s 16th year, has gifted exposure some of the region’s most well known drag kings and queens with previous winners including; Tess Tickle, Gladys Duffy and recently RuPaul UK Season 2 star, Choriza May.
Choriza competed and was crowned back in 2019, with her talent and the competition paving the way for her success on the international stage of RuPaul.

With the opportunity to win a large cash prize and a main stage performance of the UK’s official pride held in Newcastle later this year, we wanted to be involved to offer our sponsorship so we can continue to support our scene.

“We are delighted to be the Sponsor for Drag Idol 2022 as part of our shared passion, mission and vision to support LGBT+ community in Newcastle upon Tyne and beyond

At Jaccountancy Headquarters, we operate a safe, loving and supportive place to work for our team, with equality and diversity embedded at the heart of our business.”

Jay WilsonManaging Director of Jaccountancy

The Fun Begins on February 13th

The competition starts in Switch Newcastle from Sunday 13th February, with free entry to the heats and show with Opheila Balls back on hosting duties plus a great selection of judges, Miss Rory, Rusty, Penni T and some guest judges over the weeks.